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Student Achievements:

1) Mr. Deepak Kanjarla of IVCSE- A qualified in GATE 2014.

2) Miss P. Mounika of IV ECE- A qualified in GATE 2014.

3) Mr. B. Ramesh of IV Civil qualified in GATE 2014.

4) Students from ECE Department ,Ms T. Deepika, II B.Tech ECE, D. Deepthi, II B.Tech ECE and D. Kavya have participated in paper presentation on “Micro electronic pill”. “Sixth Sense Technology” and “Solar car” conducted by the JNTUH, Nachupally, Kondagattu.

5) The students of ECE won the cricket champion ship for the year 2015 at the college level and made hat trick in college history.

Faculty Achievements:

1) Mr. Mohammed Ali Shaik (Asst. Prof. CCE Dept.) has presented a paper in IEEE International Conference on Soft-Computing and Network Security, in Association with Kyungpook National University, South Korea, titled Multi Agent Architecture for Unification of Association Rule Mining held on 25th to 27th February 2015. He also published a paper on Designing Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Data Mining and Unification of Association Rule, in International Journal of Advances in Engineering Science and Technology (IJAEST),Volume 3, Issue 3, 2014.

2) Mrs. B. Prasanna Jyothi (Assoc. Prof. ECE Dept.) has published 2 papers titled: (1) VHDL implementation of Neuron based Classification for future artificial intelligence applications in Oct’ 2014. (2) Design and implementation of Sleep Transistor based low power CMOS Design for submicron VLSI Technologies at IJATES in September 2014).

3) Mrs. R. Sravanthi (Asst. Prof. ECE Dept.) has Presented a paper titled Robust object tracking based on local sparse Representation in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology-ICETET-2014 in Warangal on Sept’ 2014.

4) Ms. K. Lavanya (Asst. Prof. ECE Dept.) has published two papers titled: (1)IEEE 754 Floating Point Multiplier using carry save adder & Modified Booth Multiplier in International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology in September 2014. (2)Hardware Implementation of Radix – 2 and Radix -4 Modified Booth Algorithm in 3rd International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP) at QIS college of Engineering and Technology Ongole in April 2014.

5) Ms. Atiya Kousar (Asst. Prof. ECE Dept.) has published a paper titled Design of Hardware Testing using Two Pattern Test Cubes in International Journal of Advanced Technology and Innotative on August 2014.

6) Mr. Ch. Sampath Kumar (Assoc. Prof.& HOD EEE Dept.) has published 2 papers titled: (1) Fuzzy Ruler Based Energy Management System for Hybrid Battery Ultra-Capacitor DC Micro Grid System in IJIREEICE in August 2014. (2)A Novel Control of Shunt Hybrid Active Filter Based on Lyapunov-Function in IOJETR Journal.

7) Mr. A. Rakesh (Asst. Professor in EEE Dept) has published a paper titled Grid Interactive PV system with compensation of Reactive Power and Harmonics by Fuzzy logic and PID Based MPPT in IJSETR Journal.

8) Mr. A. Kumaraswamy (Asst. Professor in EEE Dept)has published a paper titled An Advanced Single Phase enhanced PLL based control logarithm for 3-phase D-Statcom under linear and non-linear load in IOJTR journal.

9) Mr. M. Raju (Asst. Professor in EEE Dept) has published a paper titled A Combined configuration of TCR and hybrid active power filter for power quality in Transaction on Electrical Drive in IOJTR Journal.