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Recruiters (Registration, Why Recruit at ARTI Warangal)

The Training & Placement Cell (TPC) at ARTI Warangal has entered the six batches registered with TPC have duly benefited from Industry different sectors participated in our endeavor and recruited large number of students from our college during these six years. We express students and selecting them. We further wish to nurture this relationship by extending the data base to include M.Tech, MBA, B.Tech and Diploma students. CPC certainly ensures a wider choice in terms of number and quality of students available at a single platform.

The vision of TPC is to provide a continuum of opportunities to the Diploma, Undergraduate and Post graduate students studying various courses of Engineering. The Central Placement Cell seeks the support of all houses and NGO’s in our endeavor to provide suitable placements to our students and help them in their competencies enhancements. And we also endeavor to encourage recruitment of Differently Abled Students and students with weaker economic background.

We participate in Internship Programme for 40 days would be extremely happy if you initiative of the ARTI, Warangal as an esteemed partner where different departments are registered under one umbrella.

Please feel free to contact us by E-mail at
Mr. Mohammed Ali Shaik, Training and Placement Cell Officer – 9100000362

(Mohammed Ali Shaik)